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The Fensham’s Farm

FENSHAM’S FAMILY FARM is situated against the Langeberg Mountain Range, just on the other side of the Karoo. Despite being surrounded by dry areas, we get all of the orographic rain: receiving a higher rainfall than Heidelberg, just 18 kms away. We fell in love with the old farmhouse, being at least 150 years old, if not older. A neighbour even has a map with all the wagon routes from 1788 – and guess what? Our house is the only dwelling on it! While it has a lot of work still to do, we just know it is going to turn into our dream home. Melika is particularly passionate about researching the stories of our farm, wanting to look into the old graveyard on the property and its heritage in the area. Who knows what secrets our land has yet to uncover?

regenrative agriculture
fenshams farm

Pasture raised chicken

Regenerative Agriculture

Our farming approach is that of regeneration, where the land is nurtured, food production is humane and the soil’s natural ecosystems are allowed to flourish.

Chickens live in the fresh air.

Our pasture raised chickens live in the fresh air and sunshine and are free of all medication, hormones and growth stimulants. They live in open-sided houses that sit directly on fresh pasture, allowing them to scratch in the earth and eat all the grass, legumes, bugs and worms they want before being interested in the food we provide. We move the houses to fresh pasture every day and the number of chickens per house is kept low, giving them space to move around and prevent stress from overcrowding.

Custom Feed Mix

Our custom mixed feed contains only non-GMO raw ingredients and no medication is been added to the feed. No hormones, no antibiotics and no antimicrobials.

As a Result…

Our chickens grow at a slower and more natural rate, producing the healthiest and most delicious chicken for you and your family to enjoy.

Josh & Melika

As a Commercial Diver and Nurse, farming has not been instinctive or easy for us. It has taken many years of learning, making mistakes and learning some more. This learning has led us to begin to understand the delicate and complex system that most of us casually call ‘Mother Nature’. We are learning to appreciate the importance of soil health and the delicate balance of bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms that form the basis of any healthy food production system. As a result, we do not use any synthetic fertilisers or chemicals on our farm.
We are learning to examine our pasture and celebrate the diversity of grasses and legumes perfectly adapted to the climate, rainfall and soil pH of our farm, rather than trying to grow one or two types of grasses that constantly require intensive irrigation and management.
We are also learning to farm animals in a way that is humane and actually contributes and enhances the natural cycles, management and overall health of our soil. Following the science and experience of Regenerative Agriculturalists, such as Joel Salatin, Gabe Brown and Charles Massy we are joining the global movement of farmers who recognise the damage traditional farming methods have inflicted on the world’s soils and ecosystems and we are working every single day to return it to it’s former state of health and equilibrium. In doing so we are also able to produce the healthiest and most nourishing food possible – from our family to yours.


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You only pay for what you get!

Our birds will grow to the size that they will grow, you only have to pay per kilogram that you get!

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Melika and Josh are doing their Business with a lot of passion for healthy living and respect for animals. This is the future of healthy eating and therefore well-being. Thank you for being so passionate about it!!!
Sonja Apking

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