Pasture Raised Chicken & Eggs

Because your health is not a compromise.

The Pasture Raised Promise:




antibiotics and

Packed with

Growth hormone

100% beyond
free range

We deliver your weekly order of premium pasture chicken and eggs direct to your door every Friday.

Available anywhere in the greater Cape Town region, FREE DELIVERY is available for orders over R 750. Deliveries of below R 750 are charged at an additional R 35.00.

Welcome to the Fensham’s Family Farm

– A Little Note from Melika & Josh

As a Commercial Diver and Nurse, farming has not been instinctive or easy for us. It has taken many years of learning, making mistakes and learning some more. This learning has led us to begin to understand the delicate and complex system that most of us casually call ‘Mother Nature’. We are learning to farm animals in a way that is humane and actually contributes and enhances the natural cycles, management and overall health of our soil.

Following the science and experience of Regenerative Agriculturalists, such as Joel Salatin, Gabe Brown and Charles Massy it is our mission to join the global movement of farmers who recognise the damage traditional farming methods have inflicted on the world’s soils and ecosystems. We are working every single day to return it to it’s former state of health and equilibrium. In doing so we are also able to produce the healthiest and most nourishing food possible – from our family to yours.


Pasture Raised versus Free Range

Please don’t call us free range!

or less birds per chicken house, out in the sunshine & on the grass.

of birds kept in each shed, often on dirt and under artificial lighting.

The differences go on!

The Online Shop

Because our chickens receive no growth hormones, antibiotics, or antimicrobials, they grow 100% naturally and vary in their weight and size (as Mother Nature does it!). Working with nature and not against her, our shop prices provide an average price per product. Individual orders are priced according to final purchase weight, reflected on your unique customer invoice.

Whole Bird

Succulent and nourishing, the Fensham’s whole bird flavour is unbeatably delicious! From a family roast, to a left-over chicken salad, to a pot of healthy bone broth: this purchase packs some nutritional power.

Breast Fillet

Perfect for pastas, curries, bakes and more, our juicy breast fillets are a fabulous addition to both the creative and convenience chef. Delivering two fillets per pack, remember to order enough for your weekly meal plans!

Braai Pack

Getting ready for the weekend? Crack open a beer and crack open our mouth-watering braai pack, coming with two wings, two thighs, and two drumsticks per pack.


thigh pack

Thigh Pack

Why not cook up a decadent chicken stew or casserole for the family this week? The Fensham’s thigh pack delivers 4 thighs per pack, and incredible flavour every time!

Drumstick Pack

Is there anyone happier than a kid digging into a tasty drumstick? With 6 drumsticks per pack, this product is a great one for easy and healthy family dinners.

Wing Pack

Sticky wings, peri-peri wings, flame-grilled wings… ! Doesn’t it all sound divine? Order your pack of 12 chicken wings and get experimenting with those more-ish flavours.

Carcass/Soup Pack

Sold in 1 kg packs, each chicken carcass makes for a hearty chicken soup or delicious both broth, overflowing with nourishing goodness.

Chicken Liver Pâté

Homemade by Josh’s mother, our chicken liver pate is packed with fresh ingredients and just a dash of sherry. The makings of a perfect snack!


Our Recipes & Blog

Chicken Kebabs

Chicken Kebabs

Our chicken kebabs, dressed and ready! Aren’t they pretty? The rosemary skewers and herby marinade were awesome (thanks @jamieoliver for the aromatic guidance!) Simple directions: in a pestle and mortar smash some fresh rosemarygarlica bay leaforegano into a herby...

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